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J.Malcolm Wild, F.B.H.I.
12 Norton Green Close
Sheffield - S8 8BP - England.

Telephone: (0114) 274 5693 - Facsimile: (0114) 274 0295

E-mail: malcolm@j-m-w.co.uk

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Wheel and Pinion Cutting in Horology

Wheel and Pinion Cutting in Horology

Written by J. Malcolm. Wild.
This book is available direct from the author £29.95 + P&P UK P&P = £5 Overseas Postage extra
The book is also available from all good on-line and
high street bookstores. ISBN 1-86126-245-0

Our Workshop

Comments about the book

"... this is the definitive work on wheel and pinion cutting in horology, a must for any clock restorer's or clockmaker's bookshelf."

"... it deserves a front-of-house place in any horologist's library."
Alan Timmins - Clocks Magazine

"... it is a distillation of the author's vast experience in both precision engineering and horology."

"His attention to detail is exemplary and the book is refreshingly free of errors."
Derek Pratt - Horological Journal

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