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During recent years both the amateur and professional have showed a tremendous interest in the
restoration of antique clocks, also the building of reproduction clocks. The tools and materials needed
to carry out this type of work are in some cases specialised and not readily available. This shorter on-line version of our full tool and parts catalogue, the full version of which can be ordered by contacting us. Details many hard to find items that are essential.

Many of our tools are manufactured in our own workshop and are known for high quality. The raw materials and tools that are manufactured elsewhere are the best available and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and provided predominantly by British manufacturers.

Castings for clock case and dial mounts are usually by the 'lost wax' process. This gives excellent detail. Sand castings can also be supplied. Castings can also be supplied from customer's own patterns in yellow brass, gunmetal, aluminum alloy or cast iron. Cast rod in yellow brass is available. This is essential for high-class restoration work, as is normal brass rod and sheet does not match the colour of parts on antique clock movements.

Parts for long case and bracket clocks are supplied, including- fine quality hands and dials, as well
as many restoration aids for both wood and metal.

Due to the increase in recent years of collecting and restoring both wrist and pocket watches, we
have now added many tools for carrying out this type of work.

Information Regarding Ordering. We provide a mail order service – Terms and Conditions apply
please contact us for details.

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